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Geothermal Doesn't Cost.
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Mortgage payment plus utility costs are less on a house with geothermal than on a house with conventional systems.


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Endorsed by USDOE & EPA as most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective.

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_______________ Tremendous Savings : Geoexchange systems represent a savings to homeowners of around 70% in the heating mode, and up to 50% in the cooling mode compared with conventional systems.

You don't need an expensive air conditioner and furnace. GO for a high efficiency HEAT PUMP.





1. Tremendous Savings : Geoexchange systems represent a savings to homeowners of around 70% in the heating mode, and up to 50% in the cooling mode compared with conventional systems. Conservative estimates show that for every unit of energy into a geoexchange system, 3 additional free units of energy are transferred from the ground – 400% verses a high efficiency gas furnace at around 90% (US Dept. of Energy). http://www1.eere.energy.gov/geothermal/heatpumps.html

2. Most Comfort: Geoexchange takes the award for most comfortable heating/cooling system available with no drafts and even temperatures. (source: "Space Conditioning: The Next Frontier," EPA 430-R-93-004, April 1993)

3. Endorsed System: Geoexchange is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy & the Environmental Protection Agency and is ENERGY STAR® certified. Both the USDOE and the EPA report that Geoexchange is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning system.

4. Systems Pay for Themselves: Systems pay for themselves within 5-10 years. http://www.geosource.info/cashflow.htm

5. Healthy & Safe: Geoexchange boasts the healthiest system available because more air movement allows for better filtration. There are no toxic fumes like carbon monoxide and no combustion, so they are cleaner and safer than oil or gas systems.

6. Care for the Earth: Geoexchange qualifies as a renewable energy - a typical two bedroom house-sized installation is equivalent to taking two cars off the road or planting one acre of trees. Geoexchange systems work toward the preservation of the environment by minimizing present environmental problems like acid rain, air pollution, and the destruction of the ozone layer.

7. No Outside Equipment: Since geoexchange takes up much less November 4, 2010< July 1, 2014 situations where space is at a premium and/or aesthetics matter.

8. Free Hot Water: A “desuperheater” can be added to supplement the home’s conventional water heater. Whether your heat pump is heating or cooling the house, its operation produces excess heat, and the desuperheater uses that excess to heat the domestic water, reducing the cost.

9. Durability: With a Geoexchange system installed, homeowners can also look forward to saving money in maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. Geoexchange systems last longer than conventional systems because they are protected from harsh outdoor weather. The heat pump unit is housed indoors and the loop is underground. Ground source heat pumps have a 25 to 30 year life cycle. The ground loop has an expected life of over 50 years and requires no maintenance.

10. Low Maintenance: Geoexchange systems have fewer mechanical components, making them more reliable and less prone to failure.

11. Added Value: A Geoexchange system, like other energy efficient features, can also add value to your home. Recent studies indicate an increase of $20 in home value for every $1 in annual energy savings. http://www.advancedgroundheat.com/GSHP%20articles-geoexchange.pdf

12. Pleasing: Preserve the home’s aesthetics and beauty of land – loop trenches or boreholes are covered with earth and landscaping of your choice.

13. Less Foreign Oil: We can reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources because geoexchange systems use far less dinosaur Palace Geothermal Utahof our natural resources. We must be serious about the economics and future of foreign oil. Geoexchange is much more than a bumper sticker solution to our energy crisis. It provides a serious answer to an increasingly profound problem.

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