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Geothermal Doesn't Cost.
It Saves!
Mortgage payment plus utility costs are less on a house with geothermal than on a house with conventional systems.


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Endorsed by USDOE & EPA as most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective.

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_______________ Tremendous Savings : Geoexchange systems represent a savings to homeowners of around 70% in the heating mode, and up to 50% in the cooling mode compared with conventional systems.

You don't need an expensive air conditioner and furnace. GO for a high efficiency HEAT PUMP.




Geothermal Drilling

We are licensed geothermal drilling contractors in Utah and also IGSHPA accredited vertical loop installers. We have all the equipment and expertise to accomplish residential and small business projects of any size. We specialize in the process of geothermal drilling and grouting.   

Generally a geothermal well is drilled from the range of 100-200’ depending on the tonnage needed and soil conditions. Once the total depth is reached, a HDPE loop is installed in the bore hole. An HDPE loop is a type of plastic pipe that is designed and guaranteed to last 50 years by the manufacturer. The well is then back filled from the bottom to the top with a thermal conductive grout designed to enhance the heat transfer from the HDPE loop to the earth.  The depth and number of loops depends on several factors including the soil conditions and tonnage needed.

Once the drilling process is complete, the header tie-in begins. A trench
is dug (below the frost line) and all the loops in the well field are
tied together. The loops are connected to the header pipe by
heat fusion which is done by us. We areIGSHPA certified fusion
specialists. The header pipes are then brought into
the building and the trenches are backfilled.

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We are geothermal drillers. Call us for your drilling needs. Unlike most drill rigs, our new sonic drill can go into small areas.


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We are licensed drillers, licensed contractors and certified installers of geothermal loop systems also known as geoexchange systems; serving Utah.

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