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Geothermal Doesn't Cost.
It Saves!
Mortgage payment plus utility costs are less on a house with geothermal than on a house with conventional systems.


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Endorsed by USDOE & EPA as most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective.

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_______________ Tremendous Savings : Geoexchange systems represent a savings to homeowners of around 70% in the heating mode, and up to 50% in the cooling mode compared with conventional systems.

You don't need an expensive air conditioner and furnace. GO for a high efficiency HEAT PUMP.





What is Geoexchange Technology?
Geoexchange, or ground source heating, collects heat from the sun stored below ground through buried fluid-filled pipes and transfers it to an indoor heat pump. The heat circulates through the house via a forced air duct system. It is about four times more efficient than traditional systems.

How It Works:
In the winter, the heat pump can extract two thirds or more of the energy needed to warm the home from the earth. Only one-third or less of the energy needed is purchased power, primarily used to run the compressor. In summer, the process is reversed, with heat inside the house being transferred into the ground.

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How Can One Heat a House with 50° Ground Temps?
The heat pump concentrates the heat from the ground using a refrigerant and a vapor/condensing cycle.

Types of GeoThermal Systems
Diagram A shows Horizontal Pit; Diagram B is Horizontal Trench;
Diagram C - Diagonal; Diagram D - Vertical Loops

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We are geothermal drillers. Call us for your drilling needs. Unlike most drill rigs, our new sonic drill can go into small areas.


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